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    Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Awarded CSBA Golden Bell Award Posted 11/9/18

    Hacienda La Puente Unified School Recognized with Top Statewide Educational Honor

    City of Industry, Calif. – The Hacienda La Puente Unified School District has been chosen as one of 51 recipients of the state’s leading educational honor, the Golden Bell Award. The Golden Bell Awards, now in their 39th year, are sponsored by the California School Boards Association to recognize outstanding public school programs for innovation, sustainability and best practices that facilitate positive student outcomes. (Name of district) will receive its award at a recognition reception and ceremony on Thursday, November 29, from 5 to 7 p.m. at CSBA’s Annual Education Conference and Trade Show in San Francisco at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis located at 780 Mission Street.

    Hacienda La Puente Unified School District’s Dual Immersion Language Program (DILP) is a high-quality educational program that immerses students in any of its three target languages: Korean, Mandarin, or Spanish and their respective culture and regional histories utilizing either a 50/50 or 90/10 model. The DILP promotes a standards-based and multicultural environment that enable students to become bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural citizens. In addition to ensuring that students achieve at high academic levels, participants also participate in a wide variety of enrichment activities and co-curricular programs such as cultural dance and song, instrumental performance, drama, calligraphy, oratorical presentations, martial arts, and much more. The District’s world-class program has earned schools recognition at both the state and federal levels such as the National Blue Ribbon Award, Gold Ribbon School Award, and California Business for Education Excellence (CBEE) Award in recent years.

    “We are pleased to provide this opportunity to create exciting educational environments that prepare our students to be leaders in a multilingual and multicultural world. We hold high expectations for these students who we know will be able to bridge across linguistic and cultural differences in the community. We believe our students will become excellent contributors to our community and beyond,” says Superintendent Cynthia Parulan-Colfer.

    A 17-member judging panel made up of experts from school districts and county offices of education reviewed the written entries and made the initial recommendations for the awards. On-site validators assessed the programs in action. This year’s awards are presented to school districts and county offices of education helping students achieve through after-school programs, mentoring, instructional interventions, use of data and other innovations.

    “The Golden Bell recipients exemplify the spirit of innovation and excellence for which all of California’s public schools strive,” said CSBA CEO & Executive Director Vernon M. Billy. “The Golden Bell Awards

    reflect the depth and breadth of outstanding education offerings in our state, and demonstrate the tenacity, vision and dedication of school leaders across California.” To learn more about the Golden Bell awards, visit the California School Boards Association’s Golden Bell website at


    CSBA is a nonprofit education association representing the elected officials who govern public school districts and county offices of education. With a membership of nearly 1,000 educational agencies statewide, CSBA brings together school governing boards and district and county office administrators to advocate for effective policies that advance the education and well-being of the state’s more than 6 million school-age children. Learn more at

    HLPUSD’s Art Journey: From the Ripple of an Arts Pebble to a Tidal Wave Masterpiece Posted 11/8/18

    HLPUSD’s Art Journey: From the Ripple of an Arts Pebble to a Tidal Wave Masterpiece


    In the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department, our motto for the arts for the past four years, from 2014-2018, has been, “Let’s give ‘em something to talk about!” This is a snapshot of our journey about how the current HLPUSD VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) Vision came to fruition. It is important because this level of progress can be replicated and sustained in any district that makes the arts a priority for student achievement and student connection to their school and life. In addition, the arts truly impact the social, emotional learning of each student, allowing them to express themselves and be inventive innovators. Art also enables students to understand the perspective or talents of another creative, thereby helping them to see the world in diverse ways. Key components of the successful implementation of arts education in HLPUSD are:

    • District Leadership and School Board Support
    • Two full-time VAPA TOSAs (Teachers on Special Assignment) who service all schools
    • Ongoing districtwide Professional Development (PD) opportunities for arts integration
    • Continual opportunities for students to express themselves and share their talents through all arts disciplines
    • Arts partners and agencies that bring needed funds and resources
    • Strong partnership with LACOE that brings PD, resources, research, and connections to arts agencies and organization that teach our students and staff members
    • Arts Grants with funding for PD, materials, and field trips
    • District Strategic Arts Plan goals aligned to LCAP
    • Growth mindset of teachers across content and grade levels that they can implement technology and arts integration into their classroom lessons
    • Continual monitoring of progress and planning of next steps

    Time Frame

    With the addition of two full-time VAPA TOSAs in 2015, HLPUSD made it possible to bring arts lessons to all elementary schools districtwide. Until then, elective wheels and elective courses were offered primarily at middle and high schools.  Elementary sites only had arts lessons if the arts were a priority in their community. For the past three years, with continual Board and Superintendent support, a consistent initiative has moved forward, bringing more equity and access to the arts for students. Each school year brings an expansion of the arts with new ideas, presentations, showcases, and integrated arts lessons. In fact, teachers request more VAPA PD, including our Summer VAPA Camp, which began in 2017. VAPA and technology PDs are professional growth opportunities that teachers take advantage of most. The work has grown over time, with both administrators and teachers asking for additional site support at staff meetings, PDs, PLCs, department and grade level meetings. Beginning with Preschool, and matriculating up through high school, we bring more opportunities for students to experience the arts. The Student LCAP Advisory Committee requested diverse arts classes to prepare them for college and the work force. They enjoy the hands-on, minds-on learning that art integration brings to their educational career. The infusion of technology and the arts elicits skills in students that teach them critical thinking, problem solving, spacial math reasoning, creativity, communication, collaboration, and more.


    HLPUSD is the gem of the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. Serving over 18,500 students, P-12, and another 18,000 adult education students, HLPUSD provides a plethora of opportunities for students to learn via the arts. 85% of our students are Hispanic. We have a Dual Immersion program in Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean. With 3,626 ELs, we have over 20% of students acquiring English as a second language. We have over 13,300 students, which is 74% of our student population, on free and reduced lunch, and 606 homeless youth. HLPUSD provides breakfast for all students every day.

    Key Characters in Moving Forward

    Progress starts with Board and District visionary support. Next, our Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, who also serves as Arts Coordinator, provides leadership and administrative support with the team of two full-time VAPA TOSAs at the district level. Charged with providing equity and access to the arts for all students, this team meets regularly to monitor progress and plan next steps. In 2015, they revamped the District Strategic Arts plan, with coaching from the Los Angeles Arts Education Collective. The VAPA Team also serves as leaders and resources for the District VAPA Curriculum Committee. With representation from schools, they look to the cutting edge for what to bring to students and staff. Staff and student feedback is vital to the proactive changes being made. On the horizon for the 2018-2019 school year is the development of a District Student Arts Advisory Council.


    The catalyst for change was really that schools were inconsistent in what arts education, if any, they offered students. Traditionally, middle and high schools offer courses based on what teacher talents they have on staff matched with sections in the master schedule. At the elementary level, in most cases, arts education is dependent on the comfort level, talents, desire, and knowledge of the classroom teacher, who teaches every subject. The District Strategic Arts Plan calls for proactive measures to bring arts education to all students. This includes necessary PD for staff, needed resources, funding, as well as family, community, and partnership support.

    For the past four years, HLPUSD has offered Districtwide VAPA PD for 1,100 elementary, middle and high school teachers and administrators, including, but not limited to: 1) arts integration across all core content and grade levels, P-12, 2) arts lessons aligned with core content standards, and 3) PD for all generalists and Special Education teachers and administrators. We have Pull-Out, Push-In, and Get-Out PD Models to build professional capacity. Moreover, the following provide arts opportunities for students:

    • 10th Annual District Arts Showcase
    • 3rd Districtwide Open House with Arts Integration and community engagement, in partnership with the Hacienda Heights Community Center and our Student Family Services Department
    • 3rd Annual Parent University Symposium, at which VAPA TOSAs lead arts education conference workshops for parents with hands-on engagement by design.
    • Two CTE Arts Pathways piloted for a second year at Valley, our Continuation High School, led by one of our VAPA TOSAs for two periods daily.
    • Grants: TEAL (Technology Enhanced Arts Learning), TELA (Teaching English Learners through the Arts), Arts for All Advancement Grants
    • Arts Partners: LACOE, 24th Street Theatre, Inner-City Arts, the Los Angeles Arts Education Collective, LACMA
    • Numerous course offerings in the arts at middle and high schools
    • Arts integration implementation across content areas at the elementary school level

    Outcomes – Evidence of Success

    The ripples from the once small, but aesthetically pleasing, arts pebble have transformed into a beautiful, impactful tidal wave of arts integration. Lasting outcomes include: 1) engagement of students, empowering them to innovate, invent, and create. And, 2) Critical thinking skills aligning discrete arts disciplines with core subjects across all grade levels, from Preschool to grade 12. Classroom observers  see more student artwork aligned with content standards prominently displayed.  Artwork from each of the 34 schools could also be seen as students from each school were recognized at School Board meetings. Artwork is displayed on bulletin boards at the District office.  Teachers request VAPA TOSAs to come model lessons, team teach, and inspire students through all art mediums, including digital art media. Students have attended and starred in live theatre, music, and dance performances, and been encouraged to present their work to peers, families, and outside partners, extending their learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. We have a growing number of arts partners, which equates to more research, effective teaching strategies, funding, and resources for staff and students.

    From Preschool to AP Spanish, students analyze and create art in many ways.  With close reading, Visual Thinking Strategies, technology, and growth mindsets for creativity in the arts and visual conceptualization, teachers instill in students an expansion of their VAPA horizons toward a more global approach. Data from Preschool shows a 53% growth in Visual and Performing Arts on the DRDP Assessment. This is due to our Curriculum Department and VAPA TOSAs leading PD for the Preschool teachers, administrators, and classified staff. The arts connect students to their schools, as well as across core content.

    Why It Matters

    When the subject material is made relevant to their lives, students take ownership of their learning, and hold themselves accountable for active participation in their craft, be it visual arts, theatre, dance, music, or digital arts. They also learn how to collaborate with others on common goals. Elementary teachers report they are more motivated to teach the arts, given standards-aligned modules and strategies to implement. Overall, we see student and staff enthusiasm, joy, and connection to the arts. Art education matters because we are not only preparing our students for college and career competitiveness, but also for creative jobs in their future that don’t yet exist.

    ​​​​​​​Regional Lead: Shannon Wilkins

    District Name: Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

    County: Los Angeles

    Contact Name: Dr. Helene Cunningham

    Contact Email:

    Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Information for Salvadorans (January 2018) Posted 1/17/18
    On January 8, 2018, the Trump administration announced it was ending protections for about 200,000 Salvadorans who have lived in the United States since at least 2001. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is granted by the Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Secretary) to eligible foreign born individuals, who are unable to return home safely due to conditions or circumstances preventing their country from adequately handling the return. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) also advised the public to not pay for or submit any form until USCIS updates official re-registration information.
    If you are a TPS recipient and have questions about your status please contact: 800-375-5283 or visit
    For more information, please click the attached TPS Fact Sheet file below.
    National 2017 Blue Ribbon School Award to Wedgeworth Elementary School (September 2017) Posted 10/4/17
    News Release
    Release: #17-68
    September 28, 2017
    Contact: Jonathan Mendick
    Phone: 916-319-0818
    State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson Congratulates California Schools Recognized as 2017 National Blue Ribbon Schools


    SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson today congratulated 23 California public schools that have been chosen as 2017 National Blue Ribbon Schools. This coveted award honors public and private elementary, middle, and high schools where students achieve high learning standards or are making notable improvements in closing the achievement gap.

    “Congratulations to all the schools on this list and to the educators, parents, students, and communities for helping students believe in themselves, set high goals, and realize their potential,” Torlakson said. “You are shining examples of the terrific things happening in California public education, and we must keep our momentum going because the California Way is to move forward and upward.”

    The California winners are among 342 schools announced this morning by the U.S. Department of Education. In its 35-year history, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program has presented this award to more than 8,500 schools.

    All schools are recognized in one of two performance categories, based on all student scores, subgroup student scores, and graduation rates:

    • Exemplary High Performing Schools are among their state’s highest performing schools as measured by state assessments or national tests.
    • Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing Schools are among their state’s highest performing schools in closing achievement gaps between a school’s student groups and all students over the past five years.

    Public schools are nominated by top education officials in each state, the Department of Defense Education Activity, and the Bureau of Indian Education.

    More information about the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program can be found on the U.S. Department of Education Web site External link opens in new window or tab. .

    California’s National Blue Ribbon Public Schools for 2017





    Albany City Unified

    Albany Middle


    Pleasanton Unified

    Amador Valley High

    El Dorado

    Buckeye Union Elementary

    William Brooks Elementary


    Clay Joint Elementary

    Clay Elementary


    Jacoby Creek Elementary

    Jacoby Creek Elementary

    Los Angeles

    East Whittier City Elementary

    Leffingwell Elementary

    Los Angeles

    Hacienda La Puente Unified

    Wedgeworth Elementary

    Los Angeles

    Long Beach Unified

    California Academy of Mathematics and Science

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Unified

    Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Unified

    Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Unified

    KIPP Comienza Community Prep

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Unified

    Vintage Math/Science/Technology Magnet

    Los Angeles

    Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

    Silver Spur Elementary


    Los Alamitos Unified

    Jack L. Weaver Elementary


    Tahoe-Truckee Unified

    Sierra Expeditionary Learning


    Hemet Unified

    Western Center Academy


    Elk Grove Unified

    Arlene Hein Elementary

    San Diego

    Carlsbad Unified

    Pacific Rim Elementary

    San Francisco

    San Francisco Unified

    Sunset Elementary

    Santa Clara

    Moreland School District

    George C. Payne Elementary


    Liberty Elementary

    Liberty Elementary


    Porterville Unified

    Harmony Magnet Academy


    Moorpark Unified

    Peach Hill Academy



    # # # #

    Tom Torlakson — State Superintendent of Public Instruction
    Communications Division, Room 5602, 916-319-0818, Fax 916-319-0100

    Last Reviewed: Thursday, September 28, 2017
     Community Meeting Information:  Glenelder and La Subida Sites - Top Ten, FAQ and Presentations Posted 8/7/17

     Community Meeting Information:  Glenelder and La Subida Sites - Top Ten, FAQ and Presentations


    Below are the Top Ten and full Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  the Lee Andrews Group prepared that are based on questions that were asked at the La Subida (June 6, 2017) and Glenelder (June 7, 2017) Community Meetings and Second Community Meetings at La Subida (August 1, 2017) and Glenelder (August 2, 2017).


    Open House presentation from October 17 and October 24th, 2017 is posted as an attachment below.

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    About Us

    Hacienda La Puente Unified School District (HLPUSD) is proud to serve a diverse student population, from Transitional Kindergarten to Adult Education. Two of our schools have been designated as National Blue Ribbon School, 13 Gold Ribbon Schools, and three high schools that have been honored in the U.S. News and World Report among the best high schools in the nation. Our District continues to provide students with innovative programs such as our award-winning dual immersion programs that offer students the opportunity to take classes and learn in four languages. The District also operates the second largest adult education program in the state, offering career development in programs that range from culinary arts to certified nursing assistant, automotive repair, and more. Whether you are looking to enroll a child, or looking to continue your education, we look forward to serving you!

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