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Aeries: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Why did we change from SMART to Aeries?

Better support, better stability, and better features. On support, Aeries is solely focused on California schools. Aeries sits on the state CALPADS steering committee and is able to provide support for the growing data needs of CALPADS, LCFF, LCAP, CCCS, and CAASPP. On stability, approximately 48% of the California districts, about 500 districts use Aeries, making support resources easier to find. On features, Aeries is able to provide a web based system with features such as mobile apps, web portals, and data analytics.


2) Aeries is web based. Will I be able to access Aeries from Home?

Yes, if you use a remote virtual private network (VPN) connection. VPN allows a secure remote connection to the Aeries web server. VPN software available from NCS.


3) Is there an Aeries app for smart phones?

Yes, Aeries Emergency Management Tool (EMT) is a specialized application designed to provide school and district administrators with untethered mobile access to student information when they need it most, visit


4) Will Aeries work with Destiny?

Yes, Destiny is listed as an Aeries partners-in-education product. Other 3rd party systems can also be integrated with Aeries.


5) Does Aeries have a parent communication features like Jupiter Grades?

Yes, weekly progress e-mails can be sent to parents.


6) What is the timeline for Aeries Gradebook?

From slide #6 at the 1/7/2015 DLT Aeries powerpoint, Submit Grades in Aeries (2015-2016), Aeries Gradebook - Transition Year/Optional (2015-2016), Aeries Gradebook - Mandatory (2016-2017).


7) Will we use Aeries for this coming Summer School?

No, this coming summer school we will continue to use SMART for one more year.


8) We’re excited about Parent Portal. Can we use it now?

Configuration and pilot test of Parent Portal scheduled for Fall 2015-2016. There are discussions on what data to display. Will also need to pilot test system and create process (e.g. how to we get parents to enroll, trained, open house info events). To learn more about Parent Portal, visit


9) Why does Aeries have a 20 minute timeout?

The Aeries 20 minute timeout is actually a desired feature for security purposes. The timeout automatically logs the user out of Aeries after 20 minutes, closing access to the system.  A computer that does not time out leaves the door open to unauthorized access to the student information system.


10) Will past years student data be transferred from SMART to Aeries?

Yes, past years data will be converted to Aeries during Summer 2015.