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Math Websites Hotlist

Math Websites Hotlist

Khan Academy

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 2nd through College Level Mathematics / Developmental Math, Singapore Math, Fractional Arithmetic, Algebra 1 &2, Geometry, CAHSEE, PreCalculus, Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra,  Probability and Stats, SAT, CSTs.

Notes: Over 2,600 FREE videos that assist students in learning and/or reviewing concepts covering various math, science, and business apps. Khan Academy is highly recommended for students who need extra help or in need of intervention.


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Grade(s)/Subject(s): Pre-K to 12th / Fractional Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Stats

Notes. The NLVM collection of over 100 interactive software programs, called “applets,” are an effective means for accelerating and deepening students' understanding of math.  This allows teachers to present a visual representation in class for all students.


Angle and Parallel Lines

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 6-12 / Geometry

Notes: Free, contains 7 different applets that cover angles and parallel lines.   This is a great tool for geometry teachers to use for visual representations.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): 3-12 / Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, Stats, Modeling, Discrete, Pre-calculus, calculus

Notes: Contains 100 interactive activities with tools and a dictionary for students.  Teachers can access 70 lessons that are aligned to the NCTM math standards.


Harcourt School Publishers Online activities and resources

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K - 8 / Basic math to geometry

Notes: Contains a variety of activities, games, and animations for teachers and students.  


Visual Fractions

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K -8th / Fractional Arithmetic

Notes: A tutorial that models fractions with number lines or circles. This is a great tool for teachers to use in class to create a visual representation for students.  


Mathematics lessons by Cynthia Lanius

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 7-12 / Algebra, Geometry, Calculus

Notes: Math Lessons that include activities, animations, and applets for various math topics.


Math Games with an arcade experience

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K -12 / Fractional Arithmetic, SDAP, Algebra, Geometry & Measurement

Notes: A variety of math games that a teacher can use with a promethean board or that students can play together on a laptop/computer.  Website is aligned to the new Common Core Standards.


Just Math Tutorials by Patrick

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 5th-College / Fractional Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math.

Notes: Students that need extra help with Calculus or Algebra should visit this website. Math video tutorials similar to Khan Academy.  Website contains very clear and detailed tutorials on a variety of math concepts.


Manga High

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 5th - 12th  / Fractional Arithmetic, Algebra 1 & 2, Probability and Stats, Geometry

Notes:Website contains arcade style math games and math quizzes with a level-up game style. Excellent resource for secondary students.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): 7th-12th grade / Algebra 1 & 2, AP Calculus, Probability and Stats

Notes: HippoCampus is made available through NROC.  This website contains lesson tutorials along with simulations and models.   Algebra in Spanish is also available for lesson tutorials.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): 6th to 12th / Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus

Notes: Online lesson videos combined with Aligned to Common Core Standards and district-adopted textbooks.  Website has lesson video tutorials on math concepts and 3 additional practice problem videos, associated with each concept.


26 Algebra in Simplest Terms Videos-On-Demand

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 7-12; Algebra 1 and 2; Probability and Stats

Notes: Free video streaming requires a fast connection; Covers all algebra topics and shows many different real-life applications; video material is a bit dated but still very useful in showing how algebra is applied to the real world.


Zona Land Education

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 7th-10th / Algebra and Geometry

Notes: Provides free graph paper; explores function notation with respect to scaling; contains Euclidean geometry lessons.


Teaching Math with Base 10 Blocks

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 3-5th grade / Basic math

Notes: Provides a variety of strategies working with Base 10 blocks.   You will need to have your own base 10 blocks.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): K-12 / Basic math, algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus.)

Notes: Free mathematics software for learning and teaching.  Program can be run directly from website as an applet.  You can also Google geogebra applications/topics to run existing geogebra animations and simulations (e.g. “AREA FORMULAS GEOGEBRA”).


Wolfram Alpha

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K – College / All mathematics levels

Notes:Free online access to answers for math problems you would like to calculate.  Type in a query however you want, and it will produce multiple outputs (answer, tables, graphs, etc.) related to the query.


Algebra-In-Motion and Calculus-In-Motion by Audrey Weeks

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 7th-12th grade / Pre-algebra, Algebra 1 &2, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus

Notes: Dynamic math animations (compares to Geogebra)that empower students with the ability to visualize and understand concepts.  Requires Geometers Sketchpad and costs $$.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): K-12 / Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calculus

Notes: Cool Math contains math lessons, practice, vocabulary and games for all students.  The math games are the most popular and best part of this website.  



Grade(s)/Subject(s): 6th-12th Grade / Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Notes: Requires a paid subscription or school site license.  Provides step-by-step solutions to all district adopted textbooks for the odd-numbered problems.  Great tool for homework help.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): 11th-12th grade / Calculus AB

Notes: Contains 11 free animated video tutorials for Calculus AB topics (Limits and Derivatives)


KUTA Software

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 6-12 / Pre-algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry

Notes: Contains a test generator and free worksheet generator with answer keys.


Math Playground (Play with numbers and give your brain a workout)

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 2nd - 8th grade / Basic Math, Fractional Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra

Notes: Free action-packed site for elementary and middle school students.  Website contains math games, videos, word problems, animations with sliders, and logic games.


National Repository of Online Courses (NROC)

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 7th through 10th Grade / Algebra 1

Notes: Free online course designed to be used with first-time algebra students at a broad range of ability levels, from remedial to advanced. You must register to login to the website.


Multiplication Table Exploration by Math Cats

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 3rd through 9th Grade

Notes: Helps students explore a multiplication table numerically and visually as an area; also contains hands-on multiplication activities.  


Math Tessellations (University of Missouri)

Grade(s)/Subject(s): Grades 3rd through 6th / Measurement and Geometry

Notes: Free sites that help explain how to create tessellations with polygons using rotation and reflection. Also includes information about artist M.C. Escher and examples of his tessellation artwork.


Hand Made Manipulatives

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 6th-12th grade

Notes: Free printable template pages for base 10 blocks, pattern blocks, XY-blocks, attribute blocks, Rods, and Graph paper.


Educational Math Resources for K-8 Students

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K through 8th grade / Pre-algebra and Algebra 1

Notes: Math Portal that provides links for Counting and Patterns, Flash Cards, Order of Operations, algebra 1, graphing, fractions, money, telling time, decimals, exponents, probability, and geometry.


A Math Dictionary and Charts for Kids

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K through 8th grade / Basic Math, Geometry and Algebra

Notes: Free animated definitions, examples, activities, practice, and calculators. This website was designed for kids to interact online with mathematical terms and math words in simple language.  Website also includes very useful new math charts for kids that include Numbers, Operations on Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percent and Percentages, Ratios and Rates, Beginning Algebra, Data and Statistics, Probability, Geometry, Measurement, Time and Money.


Algebra Homework Help—People’s Math!

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 7th-12th grade / Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, and Geometry.

Notes: Contains math lessons, tutorials, and free online help. 


Algebra Help

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 6th-8th Grade / Pre-Algebra and Algebra

Notes: a collection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets created to assist students and teachers of algebra.


Ethnomathematics on the Web

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 5th - 12th grade / African Mathematics, Pacific Islander Mathematics, Asian Mathematics, Native American Mathematics, African American Mathematics, Math in European Culture, Latino Mathematics, and Middle Eastern mathematics

Notes: Math portal that provides links of the history of math by ethnicity and geography.  This is a great idea for projects after CSTs or for extra credit.


A+ Math

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 2nd-8th / Basic Math, Fractional Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra

Notes:  Flash Cards for Fractions, Integers, etc.--great for one-on-one practice of number facts


Cut The Knot

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 5th -12thGrade / Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra

Notes: Arithmetic articles, problems, and puzzles.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): K-12 / Basic Math through Calculus (especially for algebra)

Notes: This is a puzzle generator by the Discovery Channel!  You can generate a puzzle of almost any kind over vocabulary or concepts.  A favorite puzzle for math classes is “Math Squares.”  Solutions can be generated as well.  


New York Times Learning Network

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K-12 / All subject areas

Notes:  Teaching and learning with The New York Times.  Teachers can adapt lessons from current events and real-world problems.  



Grade(s)/Subject(s): K-12/ All subject areas

Notes: This website contains great web-based activities, lesson plans, online discussions, idea exchange, articles, and research.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): K-6/ Basic Math

Notes: More arcade style games for elementary grades.


Math Goodies

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 6-8 / Pre-Algebra

Notes: A math help portal featuring interactive lessons, worksheets, games, and homework help.



Grade(s)/Subject(s): 2-7th  / Measurement and Geometry

Notes: This is a neat project for students to cut out and make their own 3D paper models.   This website has color paper templates for hypergami and polyhedra.  You will need cardstock and an inkjet color printer.


Mathematical Association of America

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K-college / All levels

Notes: Another organization that contains some interesting math publications


Math Pages

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 11th - College  / Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Notes: An compilation of complex math applications


3D Polyhedron

Grade(s)/Subject(s): 11th - College  / Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Notes: An compilation of complex math applications


Women in Mathematics

Grade(s)/Subject(s): Secondary

Notes: A web site that contains biographies of women in mathematics. 


Mathematician Biographies

Grade/ Subject: Secondary

Notes: contains a history of biographies for mathematicians in the form of a periodic table.


Pascal’s Triangle

Grade / Subject: Secondary

Notes: Everything about Pascal’s Triangle


Math Comics

Grade / Subject: Secondary

Notes: math comic cartoons


Fibonacci Numbers

Grade(s)/Subject(s): Secondary

Notes: Everything about the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers.


Math League

Grade(s) / Subject(s): 4th – 8th / Basic Math, Fractional Arithmetic, Probability and Stats, Measurement and Geometry, Pre-algebra

Notes: A help resource that provides mini lessons and practice on various math topics.


Math Fun Facts

Grade / Subject: Secondary

Notes: Math applications that can be used for enrichment created by a math professor at Harvey Mudd College.  Also available as an iPhone app.


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Grade(s)/Subject(s): K-12/ All math levels

Notes: This is a must for every math teacher if you have not heard of yet.  Homework Tips, Math resources, lesson plans, motivation tips, grading practices, family resources, professional development, grants, teaching tips, and more!


Intervention Central

Notes: Check out the behavior and academic interventions.  There are some useful math interventions under academics and tips for motivation under behavior.


What every new teacher should know--a  survival guide written by Sallie Mae