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Campus Security Officers


Campus Security Officers are civilian employees who are unarmed. Their primary role, within the limits of the law and the authority granted by the  School District , is to protect the persons and property of the district. This mission is accomplished primarily through Prevention, Observation and Reporting. Security officers assists in the protection of students, school personnel and property. They monitor student activities on the campus. Monitor and instructs students, visitors and District personnel on proper and lawful campus or facility behavior.

Campus security officers provide security and crowd control for extra-curricular school activities. Direct and control traffic on and around school campus as required. Inspect school campuses for and prevent vandalism. Security also identify, observe and question persons on or near school premises when the reason for their presence or intentions are questionable. Our security officers are required to posses a Certificate of completion of 832.2 of California Penal Code, in compliance with California Education Code Section 38001.5.  and first aid and CPR certificates.